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If you’re interested in learning pottery, get in touch!

The Earth Pig studio and gallery is located at the Green Man Gallery in the centre of the bustling market town of Buxton. It is equipped with three potter’s wheels, a slab roller, a clay extruder and an array of tools which students are free to use for their projects. Our classes range from an hour-long taster session  up to a series of linked lessons if that’s what you’re after. Why not talk to us? We’re happy to arrange something tailored to your requirements. We can also schedule classes during some evenings too if that’s more convenient.

Gift vouchers for classes and courses can be purchased at the studio. Please ring for details (see bottom of the page for contact numbers).

Please note: The classes are geared towards adults, however, sensible children over 14 may attend but must be accompanied by an adult. This is due to insurance and health and safety regulations as some of the equipment and raw materials are potentially dangerous.

A few tips if you’re attending pottery sessions:

It may seem obvious, but wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. Clay has a way of getting onto everything, though it will wash off. It’s also best to remove rings and jewellery, including pendants and necklaces, as they can be a dangling nuisance! Tie your hair back if it’s long and, ladies, if you have long nails it’s probably best to cut them, (sorry), or remove them if they’re false.


We can cater for the complete novice or more experienced potters. Beginners will focus on the basics of throwing. This is a great start for those who would like to have a go at making pots but have little or no experience of ceramics. The activities are geared towards students completing a pot by the end of the session; choose your best piece to be fired and collect it later. If there’s time, students may also like to try some other techniques or decorate their work.

What’s included:

  • Full use of wheels, tools and equipment
  • Stoneware clay
  • Demonstrations
  • Full tuition and time for one-to-one guidance
  • Coloured decorating slip
  • Firing of students’ best piece. (Additional raw pieces may be fired at a cost of £2.50 each).


The process of making a finished pot takes time! Thrown pots need to dry to the leather-hard stage (at least 24 hours depending on the size of the piece and the atmospheric conditions), they can then be trimmed and turned. Further drying is necessary after this and can take as long as two weeks before they can be fired. Proper drying is crucial to allow any moisture in the clay to be released, if there is any left in the clay body it may cause the pot to crack or even explode in the kiln. Once the first firing is complete another firing is necessary once the pot has been glazed.


Our Pottery lessons and courses make great Christmas and birthday gifts! If you know someone who would love one, pop in to the studio and pick one up. Vouchers are available for any amount and can be purchased from the gallery shop on the ground floor. Purchase one for one or more complete sessions or use them as part payment towards several lessons.


If you would like further information or would like to book for any of the courses above, give us a call or drop in to the gallery:

By phone:

  • 07914 382258

By email:

  • earthpigpottery@gmail.com

In person:

  • Earth Pig Pottery and Art, The Green Man Gallery, Hardwick Studios, Hardwick Square South, Buxton SK17 6PY

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