Geoff Chilton and Amanda O’Neill live on the edge of the Pennines with their rescued dog Guinness.  Geoff’s love of art and ceramics began at school but he was duped into a career in education and toiled thanklessly in the classroom for over twenty years before seeing sense and devoting himself entirely to art. Geoff and Amanda opened Earth Pig in December 2018 in order to teach the ceramic craft to others and bring affordable, beautifully crafted pottery and art within reach of everyone.

The studio is located at The Green Man Gallery, Hardwick Studios, Hardwick Square South, Buxton, SK17 6PY


Amanda says:

“Pottery is made from clay dug from the earth. It is made pliable by water and manipulated by human hands. It is dried by the air, decorated with minerals in the form of glazes and then fired in flames. Take away any one of these natural elements and we can’t have pottery. It’s elemental!

In a sense we are like pigs, rooting around in the earth for clay, not to eat of course, but to make things. This is why we chose the aardvark to figure on our logo. Aardvark means ‘earth pig’ in Afrikaans and, apart from anything, we just like aardvarks!

You’ll find nature represented in many ways in the gallery—in paint, on pots, on cards, on prints. Almost all of the discarded clay from the studio is recycled, and we use acid free paper and card where possible.

We hope you like our ethos and our website as well as the things in our gallery.”

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